Diff for /gforth/startup.fs between versions 1.5 and 1.11

version 1.5, 1994/08/31 19:42:53 version 1.11, 1995/09/06 21:00:29
Line 1 Line 1
 #! /usr/stud/paysan/bin/forth  
 \ startup file  \ startup file
 warnings off  warnings off
 include float.fs  \ include float.fs
 include search-order.fs  \ include search-order.fs
   include glocals.fs
 include environ.fs  include environ.fs
 \ include toolsext.fs  \ include toolsext.fs
 include wordinfo.fs  include wordinfo.fs
Line 13  include vt100.fs Line 13  include vt100.fs
 include see.fs  include see.fs
 include bufio.fs  include bufio.fs
 include debug.fs  include debug.fs
   include history.fs
   \ include doskey.fs
   include vt100key.fs
   require debugging.fs
   require assert.fs
   require blocks.fs
 0 Value $?  0 Value $?
 : sh  '# parse cr system  to $? ;  : sh  '# parse cr system  to $? ;
   \ define the environmental queries for all the loaded wordsets
   \ since the blocks wordset is loaded in a single file, its queries
   \ are defined there
   \ queries for other things than presence of a wordset are answered
   \ in environ.fs
   get-current environment-wordlist set-current
   true constant double
   true constant double-ext
   true constant exception
   true constant exception-ext
   true constant facility
   \ !! facility-ext
   true constant file
   true constant file-ext
   true constant floating
   true constant floating-ext
   true constant locals
   true constant locals-ext
   true constant memory-alloc
   true constant memory-alloc-ext
   true constant tools
   \ !! tools-ext
   true constant search-order
   true constant search-order-ext
   true constant string
   true constant string-ext
 warnings on  warnings on

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