Diff for /gforth/prims2x.fs between versions 1.134 and 1.137

version 1.134, 2003/03/09 15:16:52 version 1.137, 2003/05/11 17:17:14
Line 51 Line 51
 \ (stack-in-index-xt and a test for stack==instruction-stream); there  \ (stack-in-index-xt and a test for stack==instruction-stream); there
 \ should be only one.  \ should be only one.
   \ for backwards compatibility, jaw
   require compat/strcomp.fs
 warnings off  warnings off
   \ redefinitions of kernel words not present in gforth-0.6.1
   : latestxt lastcfa @ ;
   : latest last @ ;
 [IFUNDEF] try  [IFUNDEF] try
 include startup.fs  include startup.fs
Line 608  wordlist constant type-names \ this is h Line 615  wordlist constant type-names \ this is h
     get-current type-names set-current      get-current type-names set-current
     stack-type 2dup nextname stack-type-name      stack-type 2dup nextname stack-type-name
     set-current      set-current
     stack-pointer lastxt >body stack-name nextname make-stack ;      stack-pointer latestxt >body stack-name nextname make-stack ;
 stack inst-stream IP Cell  stack inst-stream IP Cell
 ' inst-in-index inst-stream stack-in-index-xt !  ' inst-in-index inst-stream stack-in-index-xt !

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