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[TXT] gforth.ds 1.89 18 years updated NEWS minor changes
[TXT] .cvsignore 1.8 19 years Added some files to .cvsignore Fixed problem when relocate() tries to relocate b...
[TXT] gforth.1 1.5 18 years updated NEWS minor changes
[TXT] makedoc.fs 1.5 18 years changed FSF address in copyright messages
[TXT] glossaries.doc 1.1 22 years jwilke's changes: Moved many files to other directories renamed many files other...
[TXT] objects-implementation.obj 1.1 19 years Documentation changes renamed general push-order to >order, objects push-order t...
[TXT] 1.1 21 years version.texi is now generated automatically added version.texi to doc dependence...

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