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Fri Nov 24 18:05:32 1995 UTC (25 years, 5 months ago) by anton
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added site-int.fs and, more importantly, support for it.

Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth
language. This represents the present state of the Gforth project
whose goal is the development of a standard implementation model for
ANS Forth. Gforth supports indirect threading on every machine
supported by GCC, and direct threading on several popular
architectures. Gforth is distributed under the GNU General Public
license (see COPYING).

Read INSTALL for installation instructions. Mail if you have problems.  To start
the system, just say `gforth' (after installing it).

If you want to work on Gforth, mail me. Tasks to be done can be found
in ToDo; but if you would like to do something not mentioned there,
it's ok, too. In any case, we would like to hear what you are
doing. The most important tasks IMO are the missing ANS Forth words,
the documentation and the foreign language interface for C.

On popular request, here are the meanings of unusual file extensions:

*.fs	Forth stream source file
*.fi	Forth image files
*.fb	Forth blocks file
*.i	C include files
*.ds	documenation source
*TAGS	etags files

- anton

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