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Line 490  version: Makefile.in configure.in Line 490  version: Makefile.in configure.in
 kernel/version.fs:      version  kernel/version.fs:      version
         echo ": version-string s\" $(VERSION)\" ;" > kernel/version.fs          echo ": version-string s\" $(VERSION)\" ;" > kernel/version.fs
 more:   $(ENGINES) $(FORTH_GEN) $(GEN)  more:   $(ENGINES) $(FORTH_GEN) $(GEN) @build_libcc_named@
         test -n "$(LIBTOOL)" && $(MAKE) build-libcc-named  
 #from the gcc Makefile:   #from the gcc Makefile: 
 #"Deletion of files made during compilation.  #"Deletion of files made during compilation.
Line 907  prim.tags:  prim.b prims2x.fs Line 906  prim.tags:  prim.b prims2x.fs
                 $(RM) $@-                  $(RM) $@-
 kernel.TAGS:  kernel.TAGS:
                 rm kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@                  $(RM) kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@
 kernel.tags:  kernel.tags:
                 rm kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@                  $(RM) kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@
 #elc files  #elc files
 gforth.elc:     gforth.el  gforth.elc:     gforth.el
                 -$(EMACS) -batch -f batch-byte-compile $(srcdir)/gforth.el                  -$(EMACS) -batch -f batch-byte-compile gforth.el
 #Documentation  #Documentation

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