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version 1.238, 2002/12/28 17:18:26 version 1.244, 2003/01/10 21:43:41
Line 344  SOURCES = $(CVSDIRS) compat Makefile.in Line 344  SOURCES = $(CVSDIRS) compat Makefile.in
         prim peeprules.vmg engine/engine.c engine/main.c \          prim peeprules.vmg engine/engine.c engine/main.c \
         engine/io.c engine/support.c engine/memcmpc.c engine/signals.c \          engine/io.c engine/support.c engine/memcmpc.c engine/signals.c \
         $(ARCHS) \          $(ARCHS) \
         engine/peephole.c engine/profile.c \          engine/profile.c \
         engine/getopt.c engine/getopt1.c engine/getopt.h engine/select.c \          engine/getopt.c engine/getopt1.c engine/getopt.h engine/select.c \
         engine/ecvt.c engine/memcmp.c engine/strtol.c engine/strtoul.c \          engine/ecvt.c engine/memcmp.c engine/strtol.c engine/strtoul.c \
         engine/ansidecl.h engine/memmove.c \          engine/ansidecl.h engine/memmove.c \
Line 367  GEN = gforth$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) gfo Line 367  GEN = gforth$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) gfo
 # things that need a working forth system to be generated  # things that need a working forth system to be generated
 FORTH_GEN_ENGINE=engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i engine/prim_names.i \  FORTH_GEN_ENGINE=engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i engine/prim_names.i \
         engine/prim_superend.i engine/peephole.i engine/profile.i \          engine/prim_superend.i engine/profile.i \
         engine/prim_num.i          engine/prim_num.i engine/prim_grp.i \
 FORTH_GEN0 = prim.b $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) kernel/aliases.fs kernel/prim.fs kernel/groups.fs  FORTH_GEN0 = prim.b $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) kernel/aliases.fs kernel/prim.fs kernel/groups.fs
 FORTH_GEN =  $(FORTH_GEN0) @KERNEL@ gforth.fi  FORTH_GEN =  $(FORTH_GEN0) @KERNEL@ gforth.fi
 # this is used for antidependences,  # this is used for antidependences,
Line 550  uninstall: FORCE Line 551  uninstall: FORCE
                 @echo -e "To remove Gforth completely, type\n$(RM) -rf $(bindir)/gforth$(EXE) $(bindir)/gforth-fast$(EXE) $(bindir)/gforthmi $(bindir)/vmgen $(man1dir)/gforth.1 $(infodir)/gforth.info* $(datadir)/gforth $(libdir)/gforth"                  @echo -e "To remove Gforth completely, type\n$(RM) -rf $(bindir)/gforth$(EXE) $(bindir)/gforth-fast$(EXE) $(bindir)/gforthmi $(bindir)/vmgen $(man1dir)/gforth.1 $(infodir)/gforth.info* $(datadir)/gforth $(libdir)/gforth"
 check:          gforths gforth.fi  check:          gforths gforth.fi
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth --no-dynamic" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth --no-dynamic" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth-itc" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-itc" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth-ditc" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-ditc" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast --no-dynamic" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast --no-dynamic" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 make checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast" &>/dev/null                  $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast" >/dev/null 2>&1
                 @echo "*** Check successful ***"                  @echo "*** Check successful ***"
 checkone test:  gforth$(EXE) gforth.fi  checkone test:  gforth$(EXE) gforth.fi
Line 574  bench:  gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth.fi Line 575  bench:  gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth.fi
                 time $(FORTH_FAST) matrix.fs -e "main bye"                  time $(FORTH_FAST) matrix.fs -e "main bye"
                 time $(FORTH_FAST) fib.fs -e "main bye"                  time $(FORTH_FAST) fib.fs -e "main bye"
                   @\time -f "siev   %U" $(FORTH_FAST) siev.fs -e "main bye"
                   @\time -f "bubble %U" $(FORTH_FAST) -e "warnings off" bubble.fs -e "main bye"
                   @\time -f "matrix %U" $(FORTH_FAST) matrix.fs -e "main bye"
                   @\time -f "fib    %U" $(FORTH_FAST) fib.fs -e "main bye"
   all-bench:      gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) gforth.fi
                   @echo "*** gforth-fast dynamic:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST="gforth-fast --dynamic"
                   @echo "*** gforth-fast not dynamic:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST="gforth-fast --no-dynamic"
                   @echo "*** gforth dynamic:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST="gforth --dynamic"
                   @echo "*** gforth not dynamic:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST="gforth --no-dynamic"
                   @echo "*** gforth-itc:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST=gforth-itc
                   @echo "*** gforth-ditc:"
                   @$(MAKE) onebench ENGINE_FAST=gforth-ditc
 # ------------- Make forth images  # ------------- Make forth images
 # How to make new images:  # How to make new images:
Line 602  kernl64l.fi-: $(KERN_DEPS) mach64l.fs Line 623  kernl64l.fi-: $(KERN_DEPS) mach64l.fs
 kernl64b.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach64b.fs  kernl64b.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach64b.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl-%.fi:     arch/%/mach.fs $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl-%.fi:     arch/%/mach.fs arch/%/prim.fs arch/%/asm.fs $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" $<"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross $@- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" $<"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross $@- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
                 if [ -f `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` ]; \                  if [ -f `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` ]; \
                 then sh `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` $@; \                  then sh `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` $@; \
Line 658  engine/prim_lab.i: prim.b prims2x.fs Line 679  engine/prim_lab.i: prim.b prims2x.fs
                 $(CP) $@- $@                  $(CP) $@- $@
                 $(RM) $@-                  $(RM) $@-
   engine/prim_grp.i:      prim.b prims2x.fs
                   $(FORTHP) prims2x.fs -e "c-flag on s\" prim.b\" ' noop dup process-file bye" >$@-
                   $(CP) $@- $@
                   $(RM) $@-
 engine/prim_names.i:    prim.b prims2x.fs  engine/prim_names.i:    prim.b prims2x.fs
                 $(FORTHP) prims2x.fs -e "c-flag on s\" prim.b\" ' output-forthname dup process-file bye" >$@-                  $(FORTHP) prims2x.fs -e "c-flag on s\" prim.b\" ' output-forthname dup process-file bye" >$@-
                 $(CP) $@- $@                  $(CP) $@- $@
Line 695  kernel/prim.fs: prim.b prims2x.fs kernel Line 721  kernel/prim.fs: prim.b prims2x.fs kernel
                 $(CP) $@- $@                  $(CP) $@- $@
                 $(RM) $@-                  $(RM) $@-
 kernel/groups.fs:       engine/prim_lab.i  kernel/groups.fs:       engine/prim_grp.i
         grep GROUP $< | cut -f2 -d, | sed -e 's/)/ ,/g' >$@          grep GROUP $< | cut -f2 -d, | sed -e 's/)/ ,/g' >$@
 engine/prim_num.i:      prim.b prims2x.fs  engine/prim_num.i:      prim.b prims2x.fs

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