Diff for /gforth/Makefile.in between versions 1.111 and 1.117

version 1.111, 1998/06/04 17:10:29 version 1.117, 1998/07/28 21:04:01
 LN_S    = @LN_S@  LN_S    = @LN_S@
 GCC     = @CC@  GCC     = @CC@
 CC      = $(GCC)  CC      = $(GCC)
 FORTHPATH = $(libdir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(datadir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)$(PATHSEP)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)$(PATHSEP).  FORTHPATH = .$(PATHSEP)$(libdir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(datadir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)$(PATHSEP)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
 FORTH   = ./gforth --die-on-signal -p $(FORTHPATH)$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)  FORTH   = ./gforth --die-on-signal -p $(FORTHPATH)$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)
 FORTHKFLAGS= --die-on-signal -p .$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir) -i ./$(kernel_fi)  FORTHKFLAGS= --die-on-signal -p .$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir) -i ./$(kernel_fi)
Line 68  FORTHK = ./gforth $(FORTHKFLAGS) Line 68  FORTHK = ./gforth $(FORTHKFLAGS)
 FORTHP  = ./gforth --die-on-signal -i ./$(kernel_fi)  FORTHP  = ./gforth --die-on-signal -i ./$(kernel_fi)
 STRIP   = strip  STRIP   = strip
 TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi  TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
 DVI2PS  = dvips -D300  DVI2PS  = dvips -Z
 #you can get texi2html from http://wwwcn.cern.ch/dci/texi2html/  #you can get texi2html from http://wwwcn.cern.ch/dci/texi2html/
 TEXI2HTML = texi2html  TEXI2HTML = texi2html
 MAKEINFO = makeinfo  MAKEINFO = makeinfo
Line 84  CFLAGS = $(DEBUGFLAG) -I$(srcdir)/engine Line 84  CFLAGS = $(DEBUGFLAG) -I$(srcdir)/engine
 #John Wavrik should use -Xlinker -N to get a writable text (executable)  #John Wavrik should use -Xlinker -N to get a writable text (executable)
 # ------------  Install Directorys  # ------------  Install Directorys
Line 147  EC_SRC = \ Line 146  EC_SRC = \
         asm/generic.fs \          asm/generic.fs \
         asm/target.fs \          asm/target.fs \
         ec/00-readme \          ec/00-readme \
         ec/crossdoc.fd \  
         ec/mirror.fs \          ec/mirror.fs \
         ec/mirrors.fs \          ec/mirrors.fs \
         ec/shex.fs \          ec/shex.fs \
Line 219  ARCHS = arch/generic/machine.h \ Line 217  ARCHS = arch/generic/machine.h \
         arch/mips/machine.h \          arch/mips/machine.h \
         arch/386/machine.h \          arch/386/machine.h \
         arch/hppa/machine.h \          arch/hppa/machine.h \
           arch/hppa/cache.c \
         arch/sparc/machine.h \          arch/sparc/machine.h \
         arch/power/machine.h \          arch/power/machine.h \
           arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c \
         arch/alpha/machine.h \          arch/alpha/machine.h \
         arch/4stack/README \          arch/4stack/README \
         arch/4stack/asm.fs \          arch/4stack/asm.fs \
Line 296  DOCDIST = doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.inf Line 296  DOCDIST = doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.inf
 #stuff in a binonly distribution   #stuff in a binonly distribution 
 BINONLYDIST = config.status Makefile gforth gforth-ditc \  BINONLYDIST = config.status Makefile gforth gforth-ditc \
         arch/$(machine)/machine.h engine/config.h \          arch/$(machine)/machine.h engine/config.h engine/Makefile \
         stamp-h kernel/version.fs version-stamp \          stamp-h kernel/version.fs version-stamp \
Line 304  KERNLS = kernl16b.fi- kernl16l.fi- \ Line 304  KERNLS = kernl16b.fi- kernl16l.fi- \
          kernl32b.fi- kernl32l.fi- \           kernl32b.fi- kernl32l.fi- \
          kernl64b.fi- kernl64l.fi-           kernl64b.fi- kernl64l.fi-
 GEN_PRECIOUS = $(FORTH_GEN) $(KERNLS) doc/gforth.texi doc/gforth.dvi doc/gforth.ps Makefile configure  GEN_PRECIOUS = $(FORTH_GEN) $(KERNLS) doc/gforth.texi doc/gforth.dvi doc/gforth.ps Makefile engine/Makefile configure
 #standards.info recommends this:  #standards.info recommends this:
Line 352  mostlyclean: FORCE Line 352  mostlyclean: FORCE
                 gforth-$(VERSION).tar.gz                  gforth-$(VERSION).tar.gz
 clean:          mostlyclean  clean:          mostlyclean
                 -$(RM) -rf $(GEN) *.o engine/*.o engine/*.a                  -$(RM) -rf $(GEN) engine/gforth engine/gforth-ditc \
                   *.o engine/*.o arch/*/*.o
 distclean:      clean  distclean:      clean
                 -$(RM) config.cache config.log \                  -$(RM) config.cache config.log \
                 config.status engine/config.h Makefile stamp-h                  config.status engine/config.h Makefile engine/Makefile stamp-h
 #realclean is useless, but dangerous, so it's commented out  #realclean is useless, but dangerous, so it's commented out
 #realclean:     distclean  #realclean:     distclean
Line 586  kernel/prim.fs: prim.b prims2x.fs kernel Line 587  kernel/prim.fs: prim.b prims2x.fs kernel
 gforth:         FORCE  gforth:         FORCE
                 -$(CP) gforth gforth~                  -$(CP) gforth gforth~
                 cd engine; make gforth; cd ..                  cd engine && make gforth && cd ..
                 $(CP) engine/$@ $@                  $(CP) engine/$@ $@
                 @GFORTH_EXE@                  @GFORTH_EXE@
Line 619  prim.TAGS:  prim.b prims2x.fs Line 620  prim.TAGS:  prim.b prims2x.fs
                 $(CP) $@- $@                  $(CP) $@- $@
                 $(RM) $@-                  $(RM) $@-
 doc/doc.fd:     doc/makedoc.fs $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) code.fs objects.fs oof.fs  doc/doc.fd:     doc/makedoc.fs $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) code.fs objects.fs oof.fs mini-oof.fs
                 $(FORTHK) -e "s\" doc/doc.fd\"" doc/makedoc.fs startup.fs code.fs objects.fs oof.fs -e bye                  $(FORTHK) -e "s\" doc/doc.fd\"" doc/makedoc.fs startup.fs code.fs objects.fs oof.fs mini-oof.fs -e bye
 doc/crossdoc.fd:        $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  doc/crossdoc.fd:        $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
                 $(FORTHK) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' kernel/main.fs -e bye                  $(FORTHK) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' kernel/main.fs -e bye
Line 649  doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.info-*: $(GFO Line 650  doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.info-*: $(GFO
                 -cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) gforth.texi                  -cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) gforth.texi
 html:           $(GFORTH_TEXI)  html:           $(GFORTH_TEXI)
                 -$(RM) html/*                  -$(RMTREE) html
                 -mkdir html                  -mkdir html
                 cd html; $(TEXI2HTML) -menu -split_node ../doc/gforth.texi                  cd html; $(TEXI2HTML) -menu -split_node ../doc/gforth.texi
   doc/gforth.txt: $(GFORTH_TEXI)
                   -cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) --no-headers --no-split gforth.texi >gforth.txt
 doc:            doc/gforth.ps html  doc:            doc/gforth.ps html
 # For an explanation of the following Makefile rules, see node  # For an explanation of the following Makefile rules, see node
Line 673  engine/config.h: stamp-h Line 677  engine/config.h: stamp-h
 stamp-h:        config.h.in config.status  stamp-h:        config.h.in config.status
                 CONFIG_FILES=$@ CONFIG_HEADERS=engine/config.h ./config.status                  CONFIG_FILES=$@ CONFIG_HEADERS=engine/config.h ./config.status
                 echo > stamp-h                  echo > stamp-h
 Makefile:       Makefile.in config.status  Makefile:       Makefile.in config.status
                 CONFIG_FILES="$@ engine/$@" CONFIG_HEADERS=engine/config.h ./config.status                  CONFIG_FILES="$@ engine/$@" CONFIG_HEADERS=engine/config.h ./config.status
   engine/Makefile: engine/Makefile.in config.status
                   CONFIG_FILES="$@ engine/$@" CONFIG_HEADERS=engine/config.h ./config.status
 config.status:  configure  config.status:  configure
                 ./config.status --recheck                  ./config.status --recheck

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