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Wed Oct 11 19:39:31 1995 UTC (25 years, 6 months ago) by anton
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Now is a nonrelocatable image containing all of startup.fs etc.
savesystem now saves `included-files', too (so require does not start from
added/fixed stack effect and wordset documentation for many words in kernal.fs
some reformatting in kernal.fs
fixed some wordset info in primitives
added strsignal

  Copyright 1992 by the ANSI figForth Development Group

  This is the machine-specific part for Intel 386 compatible processors

#include "32bit.h"

/* indirect threading is faster on the 486, on the 386 direct
   threading is probably faster. Therefore we leave defining
   DIRECT_THREADED to configure */

/* define this if the processor cannot exploit instruction-level
   parallelism (no pipelining or too few registers) */
#define CISC_NEXT

/* 386 and below have no cache, 486 has a shared cache, and the
   Pentium probably employs hardware cache consistency, so
   flush-icache is a noop */
#define FLUSH_ICACHE(addr,size) 0

/* PFA gives the parameter field address corresponding to a cfa */
#define PFA(cfa)	(((Cell *)cfa)+2)
/* PFA1 is a special version for use just after a NEXT1 */
#define PFA1(cfa)	PFA(cfa)
/* CODE_ADDRESS is the address of the code jumped to through the code field */
#define CODE_ADDRESS(cfa) \
    ({long _cfa = (long)(cfa); (Label)(_cfa+*((long *)(_cfa+1))+5);})
/* MAKE_CF creates an appropriate code field at the cfa; ca is the code address */
#define MAKE_CF(cfa,ca)	({long _cfa = (long)(cfa); \
                          long _ca  = (long)(ca); \
			  *(char *)_cfa = 0xe9; /* jmp */ \
			  *(long *)(_cfa+1) = _ca-(_cfa+5);})

/* this is the point where the does code starts if label points to the
 * jump dodoes */
#define DOES_HANDLER_SIZE       8
#define DOES_CODE(label)	((Xt *)(CODE_ADDRESS(label)+DOES_HANDLER_SIZE))

/* this is a special version of DOES_CODE for use in dodoes */
#define DOES_CODE1(label)	DOES_CODE(label)

/* this stores a jump dodoes at addr */
#define MAKE_DOES_HANDLER(addr) MAKE_CF(addr,symbols[DODOES])

#define MAKE_DOES_CF(addr,doesp) MAKE_CF(addr,((int)(doesp)-8))

#ifdef FORCE_REG
#if (__GNUC__==2 && defined(__GNUC_MINOR__) && __GNUC_MINOR__==5)
/* i.e. gcc-2.5.x */
/* this works with 2.5.7; nothing works with 2.5.8 */
#define IPREG asm("%esi")
#define SPREG asm("%edi")
#ifdef USE_TOS
#define CFAREG asm("%ecx")
#define CFAREG asm("%edx")
#else /* gcc-version */
/* this works with 2.6.3 (and quite well, too) */
/* since this is not very demanding, it's the default for other gcc versions */
#define SPREG asm("%ebx")
#endif /* gcc-version */
#endif /* FORCE_REG */

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