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Sat May 20 07:07:28 2006 UTC (14 years, 9 months ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Makefile: undid change requiring gforth-fast to build first
  other changes for packaging
  added POST_INSTALL etc. tags
Updated NEWS files to 2006-05-07
minor documentation changes

Installation friendlyness:

have the right files in .INCLUDED (contact installer)
Try out different options (FORCE_REG, GCC-bug-workarounds) and select
  the best-working/fastest one

autoheader should be called automatically when necessary

  Are the symlinks (gforth etc.) POST_INSTALL?

version-specific info installation?

Unfinished functionality:

 Conversion on I/O
 Up-to-date with latest proposal version?

 C interface:
 libcc implementation
 library words in images
 C interface should do what the documentation says (Bernd)
 documentation of callbacks (Bernd)
 oldlib words should be compatible or named differently (Bernd)

 make it work again
 make it work on most platforms

 compile constants to literals (Bernd)

 regexp.fs: add documentation (Bernd)

 complex.fs, fft.fs: add documentation.  Add stack comments! (Bernd)

 profile.fs: complete, add documentation

 add ppc assembler

 amd64 assembler

 regression tests for single-step debugger (Bernd)

   2005-09-27  Bernd Paysan <>
	* complex.fs, fft.fs, prim, wf.fs,
	Added some floating point primitives
   Which ones?  Should they be documented?

Savannah: Bugzilla Emails verschwinden

Windows-Port (FP bugs dank gcc-2.95)

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>