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Line 9  Unfinished functionality: Line 9  Unfinished functionality:
  Up-to-date with latest proposal version?   Up-to-date with latest proposal version?
  C interface:   C interface:
  precompiled interface libraries   SWIG-based tool for generating interface files from .h files (Gerald Wodni)
    provide interface files for popular APIs
    compile predefined interfaces into engine (at least on machines
      without dynamic linking)
  library words in images   library words in images
  callbacks   callbacks
  structs etc.   structs etc.
  oldlib words should be compatible or named differently (Bernd)   oldlib words should be compatible or named differently (Bernd)
  gforth-native:   Performance:
  make it work again     Inlining
  make it work on most platforms     Compilation through C
      gforth-native? make it work again? make it work on most platforms?
  regexp.fs: add documentation (Bernd)   regexp.fs: add documentation (Bernd)

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