Accepted Papers (No Particular Order)

Title Author(s)
Structuring Optimizing Transformations and Proving them Sound Aditya Kanade, Amitabha Sanyal, and Uday Khedker (IIT Bombay, India)
Using Verified Data-Flow Analysis-based Optimizations in Attribute Grammars Eric Van Wyk and Lijesh Krishnan (University of Minnesota, USA)
Data-Flow Analysis as a General Concept for the Transport of Verifiable Programs Wolfram Amme, Marc-Andre Müller, and Philipp Adler (University of Jena, Germany)
Generating Invariants for Translation Validation Yi Fang (Microsoft, Redmond, USA) and Lenore D. Zuck (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
Optimisation Validation David Aspinall (University of Edinburgh, UK), Lennart Beringer (LMU Munich, Germany), and Alberto Momigliano (University of Edinburgh, UK, and University of Milano, Italy)
Coinductive Verification of Program Optimizations using Similarity Relations Sabine Glesner, Johannes Leitner, and Jan Olaf Blech (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
Functional Elimination of Phi-Instructions Lennart Beringer (LMU Munich, Germany)