Welcome to COCV 2006

Workshop Description

COCV 2006 will be held in conjunction with the 9th European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS 2006) in Vienna, Austria, in March/April 2006. It is devoted to advances in theory and practice on the theoretical foundations and applications of approaches, technologies, and tools for compiler optimization and compiler verification and their mutual dependencies. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners working on optimizing and verifying compilation, and on related fields such as translation validation, certifying and credible compilation, but also programming language design and programming language semantics to exchange their latest findings, and to plumb the mutual impact of these fields on each other. By encouraging discussions and co-operations across different, yet related fields, the workshop strives for bridging the gap between the communities, and for stimulating synergies and cross-fertilizations among them.
          Previous workshops, COCV 2002, COCV 2003, COCV 2004, and COCV 2005 have been held in affiliation with ETAPS 2002 in Grenoble, France, ETAPS 2003 in Warsaw, Poland, ETAPS 2004 in Barcelona, Spain, and ETAPS 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland.