Rlocate is a locate that's always up-to-date. Currently maintained by Rastislav Levrinc, and available through the sourceforge rlocate page.

About this page

This page contains some historic info and local copies of historic material. For the latest stuff go to the sourceforge rlocate page.

The first release of rlocate was by Rastislav Levrinc for Linux-2.4; it did not not work correctly on NFS servers.

Then Peter Robinson wrote a version of rlocate for Linux-2.6 (that reportedly also works on NFS servers), and extended it to work with glimpse (i.e., full-text-searching that's always up-to-date).

Later Rastislav Levrinc continued the project for Kernel-2.6 (not documented here).

This directory contains copies of these projects. You may be able to find newer versions through the author's homepages:

Anton Ertl
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[   ]fsysmond28-Jun-2004 16:01 1.0Mbinary, if you don't have ghc (for fts)
[   ]fts-0.1.tar.gz28-Jul-2004 13:36 15Kfor Linux-2.6, with glimpse support
[   ]rlocate.tar.gz25-Mar-2004 19:54 9.1Kfor Linux-2.4

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