Criteria for a Research Paper

by Sergey N. Baranov
Research specific (50)
Is this a new idea? Explicit statement of how this is new.
Is there a description of the state-of-the-art? Did they consider alternatives?
Is the idea supported with an experimental implementation or data?
Are specific non-obvious challenges clarified?
Are there new results of significant interest to the community?
Are future directions of R&D outlined?
Benefits (30)
Does the paper clearly state what its contribution is?
Is the added value to the existing state-of-the-art explained?
Is the paper of interest to a broad audience of specialists?
Structure (10)
Is the paper well written?
Does the introduction clearly state what the paper is about?
Does the author explain acronyms and jargon?
Are accompanying pictures/tables/charts informative enough?
Is the reference list exact?
Reviewer Discretion (10)
Is the paper stimulating? Is there enough evidence that the paper is at the edge of its domain?

Other refereeing guidelines