Interpreter Benchmarks

This directory contains the benchmarks used in a (yet unpublished) paper.

You can find the sslittle binaries of the interpreters (SimpleScalar-2.0 required to run them), the data files needed to run the benchmarks, and a script for running the benchmarks in interpreter-bench.tar.gz.

The original sources for these interpreters are:

You can find these packages below (for convenience or if they happen to vanish on the original servers).

You can see some notes on building the interpreters and running the workloads in Notes.
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[   ]gforth-0.4.9-19990617.tar.gz18-Jun-1999 17:33 1.2M 
[   ]scheme48-0.53.tgz07-Jul-1999 20:56 1.1M 
[   ]ocaml-2.04.tar.gz12-Mar-2000 12:09 1.2M 
[   ]Yap4.3.2.tar.gz20-Mar-2000 22:10 599K 
[   ]Notes24-Oct-2000 19:36 5.2K 
[   ]interpreter-bench.tar.gz25-Oct-2000 14:50 2.2M 

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