High resolutions on the Igel-532 X-Terminals

This section is specific to a very old version of the Igel firmware. Just update to the newest firmware, and you do not need to jump through these hoops anymore.

The Igel 532 Premium is capable of resolutions requiring dot clocks of up to about 170MHz with 8bpp or 16bpp (higher dot clocks produce noise on the screen when moving the mouse, and yet higher dot clocks produce constant noise). This is enough for 1600x1200@60Hz (e.g., for a TFT display), or for 1536x1152@74Hz (for CRTs), using the following modeline:

Modeline "1536x1152-74" 170  1536 1604 1668 1952  1152 1154 1157 1184
This mode was tested and works on a Nokia 445Xav and a Samsung Syncmaster 1100p+. The graphics quality of the built-in graphics is quite decent (better than a Matrox Millenium), in contrast to the earlier Igel-J terminal, which sucks even at 1280x1024@75Hz.

The difficulty is in getting the Igel to boot into this mode. Here's how we did it (there are probably better ways, and this is from memory), for the regular (quiet) boot mode (the other boot modes behave different enough that this does not work for them):

cp /etc/X11/XF86Config /wfs
vi /etc/X11/XF86Config #add the modeline and and set the default mode
cp /usr/etc/rc2.base /wfs
vi /wfs/rc2.base #add "cp /wfs/XF86config /etc/X11" after the
                 #part containing "... -out /etc/X11/XF86Config"
vi /wfs/setup.ini #change "LocalIPName=" to
                  #       "LocalIPName= ; cp /wfs/rc2.base /usr/etc"
                  #the space after  is essential
#reboot and enjoy
This method may not work with other revisions of the firmware than the one we have (/etc/VERSION: IGEL-532 Premium 02.02 November 13 2001; /etc/UPDATE.INF: ... version=4160).
Anton Ertl