Forth standards meeting at EuroForth 2005

[Meeting results]

On 2005-10-20 and 2005-10-21 there will be a Forth standards meeting, right before EuroForth 2005. Some of the topics that we might discuss are:

Proposals for standardisation

Which proposals that have had a CfV should be accepted into the standard, which ones should be delayed, and which ones should be rejected (if any)?

About which other topics should there be proposals, and who is going to write them?

Should new words be put into the established wordsets, or into new ones? How are the extension-query names reflected in the standard (if at all)?

Meta stuff

How well is the RfD/CfV process working at generating high-quality proposals for standardisation and getting information about their popularity?

What could be improved? Or should we do something completely different?

Should we run the standard through a standards body like ANSI, ISO, IEEE, etc.? If so, which one?

Who is going to be the chaiman of the standards committee? Who is going to be the editor of the standards document?

Please submut additional topics

If you have any other issues that you want to discuss, please mail me about them.
Anton Ertl