EuroForth 2003 submission instructions

For the draft papers for the refereed stream, please submit in Postscript. If you use MS printer drivers to create the Postscript, please submit the original format in addition to Postscript. If you want, you can also provide additional formats, such as PDF. Put the file(s) on a web server and send the URL (preferred), or send it as attachment with MIME content-type "application/postscript" or "application/octet-stream", or include it literally in a completely unencoded mail (no MIME encodings).

Abstracts for the non-refereed stream should be submitted as plain text email.

For the final camera-ready copy, please submit either Postscript (as discussed above), or hardcopy (one-sided). The format should be A4 with at least 25mm of margins, unnumbered.

Here are guides on how to create PostScript files on Windows and MacOS. To check the result, use a Postscript viewer.

Submission address for drafts:

Anton Ertl
Institut für Computersprachen E185/1
Technische Universität Wien
Argentinierstraße 8/4
A-1040 Wien

Submission address for final version:

Nick Nelson, Micross Electronics


     July 28th Deadline for draft papers (academic stream)
   August 11th Deadline for abstracts (business/industrial stream)
   August 29th Notification of acceptance of papers
September 19th Confirmation of booking
September 26th Deadline for final camera ready copy
  October 17th Conference opens.

Program Committee

Sergey N. Baranov, Motorola Russia
M. Anton Ertl, TU Wien (chair)
David Gregg, Trinity College Dublin
Peter Knaggs, Bournemouth University (secondary chair)
Jaanus Pöial, University of Tartu
Bradford Rodriguez, T-Recursive Technology
Reuben Thomas, Protechnic Exeter

Anton Ertl