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New Experiencepoints-for-Monsters Calculation System.

The old system has quite a few drawbacks. Low HD monsters with some abilities become major XP gainers for PCs. High HD monsters with only fighting capabilities are major threats but do not give sufficient XPs.
This new system introduces the fact that, even with awesome abilities, a one HD monster is very easily beaten. This holds true even if only a few PCs can harm the Monster. For example a one hitpoint Vampire, although mighty due to his abilities and immunities, is doomed if he faces a 1st level mage with a Magic Missile spell handy. Another thing figured into the system is a more elaborate XP awarding for spellabilities. A monster capable of 9th Level magic is about 3 times more dangerous than one with 3rd level spells. Some of these features can be introduced without altering the existing XP award system but only modifying it slightly. These features are indicated by a * after their header.

This System still applies all the XP awards given in all the Monster compendiums, because I feel that they are very well balanced. Only use the full system if you create new monsters.

Base XPs

HD		XP value
Less than 1	5
1		10
2		30
3		60
4		100
5		150
6		210
7		280
8		360
9		450
10		550
11		700
12+		+100

This Base value is modified by the resulting multiplier from the tables below. Start with 1 and just add the number listed after the (dis)ability.

Attack abilities

Ability						Modifier
Blooddrain					1
Breathweapon(Dragon)				2
            (Other)				1.7	
Cause Disease					0.8
Energy Drain I					1
             II					1.5
             III				2.5
Each Attack per round				
 more than 2					0.5
Innate spelllike attack	per Spelllevel		1
Ranged attacks(includes bows)			1
Spellcasting abilities (mage or priest)		Special
Grappling,swallowing or	 holding		1
Each HD higher Thac0				0.5
Each high Str. Dmg.point			0.5
Each Attack mode				
 causing a max of 30+ damage			2
Touch	paralysis				1.3
	petrify					2
	poison					1.7
Ranged	paralysis				2
	petrify					3
	poison					2.5
Area	poison					2.7
Destruction(acid or flame)			1.5
Innate magical attack mode(Teleport, haste)	1.5
Innate non-magical attack mode(Diving, jumping)	1
Using a magic item				1
Cause fear or weakness				1.5

Defensive Abilities

Ability						Modifier
Each AC lower than 4				0.25
Flying or burrowing				1
Each HD bonuspoint				0.2
Steel immunity (Only hit by Silver or magic)	1
Each plusbonus needed to hit			0.5
Each Specific spell immunity			0.5
Undead-like Spell immunity			2.5
Each Spellclass immunity			1.5
Each Elementtype immunity			1
Each Weapontype immunity (includes 1/2 damage)	0.3
 (catch-all term for all the immunities above)	2
Magic resistance(per 10%)			0.3
Each HD beter Saving throw			0.5
Regeneration					1
Each Undetect ability				1
Special defense mode				0.7


Trait			Modifier
None			0
Animal	(1)		0.1
Semi	(2-4)		0.3
Low	(5-7)		0.5
Average	(8-10)		1
Very 	(11-12)		1.3
High 	(13-14)		1.7
Exception(15-16)	2
genius	(17-18)		2.5
Supra-genius(19-20)	3
Godlike	(21+)		4


Morale				Modifier
Unreliable	(2-4)		-2
Unsteady	(5-7)		-1
Average		(8-10)		-0.5
Steady		(11-12)		0
Elite		(13-14)		0.3
Champion	(15-16)		0.6
Fanatic		(17-18)		1
Fearless	(19-20)		1.5


Disability		Modifier
Size H or G		-1
Good alignment		-3
Herbivore		-2
Each vulnerability	-2

Magic Ability

Ability					Modifier
Mage or priest				highest spelllevel
Each very useful spell in arsenal	0.2
Each Extra Spellpoint			0.1

Hitdie vs. Hitpoint spread*

(Divide the actual Hp by the HD)

Result			XP multiplier
less than 1		0.5
1 			0.7			
2			0.8
3			0.9
4			1.0
5			1.1
6			1.2
7			1.3
8			1.5
More than 8		1.6

Notes on the System

This system is actually quite workable and certainly more accurate than the system in The Dungeon Masters Guide of the second edition. Although it may seem like a lot of work but since it preserves the game balance much better it really saves you a lot of time. PCs now will not get overly fast powerful by combatting the monsters of the DMs own design.