My Cats

These are pictures of my cats. The black one is called Merlin. The name of the grey one is Morgaine. They are brother and sister and were born on April 24th, 1996

The strange person on some of the pictures is my wife Doris, the second can opener. :-)

If you have cats of your own you will find these pictures very similar to your own pictures of your cats. Coincidence? :-)

Cats in a 
shoebox There is room in every shoebox.

To be or not to be...

Merlin and Backgammon Don't make a bad move, because I won't make any!

drunk Morgaine in salad bowl Drunk? This bowl was ready for the cupboard. Morgaine was against it.

Morgaine plays string You rang?

Merlin and Morgaine in the bin Who's there?

The clean cat washes herself Can't one have a little privacy?

Cats and clothes 1 You don't want to iron, do you?

Cats and clothes 2 You mean, right now?

Cats and clothes 3 OK, you win!

Merlin is 
very flat Oh boy! I really feel ironed now!

Merlin climbs the cupboard 1 Merlin climbs the cupboard 2 Merlin climbs the cupboard 2 Ain't no mountain high enough!

and Morgaine Say YES to (living) furs and pelts!

Cats sabotage everything 1 Cats sabotage everything 2 It's difficult to do some work when cats are around.

Morgaine and the bin I didn't do it! You see, he jumped right in and...

Morgaine, the parcel Rats! One mistake and they send you to Timbuktu!

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