2.16 Infinite trees (cyclic terms)

SWI-Prolog has limited support for infinite trees, also known as cyclic terms. Full support requires special code in all built-in predicates that require recursive exploration of a term. The current version supports cycles terms in the pure Prolog kernel including the garbage collector and in the following predicates: =../2, ==/2, =@=/2, =/2, @</2, @=</2, @>=/2, @>/2, \==/2, \=@=/2, \=/2, acyclic_term/1, bagof/3, compare/3, copy_term/2, cyclic_term/1, dif/2, duplicate_term/2, findall/3, ground/1, term_hash/2, numbervars/[3,4], recorda/3, recordz/3, setof/3, term_variables/2, throw/1, when/2, write/1 (incomplete) .